◦ Coaching You Works: focusing on the spiritual nature of beliefs so we can manage energies in order to more effectively co-create.

◦ Live to be 120 and Healthy: the discussion of the spiritual-energetic aspects of creating "a life abundant" filled with meaning and health for as long as we want.

◦ The Healing Codes Coach: this program centers on the application of spiritually-based  energy principles and practices to life.  This site is separate and not connected to The Healing Codes website.

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Church of the Healing Spirit

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Church of the Healing Spirit
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Why CoTHS?


There has been a pattern in the Judeo-Christian Old Testament described in Genesis where the concept of what we want and what we don’t want to lose is outside of us. Responsibility for the promotion of the idea that our good is outside us is attributed to the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

When we consider the present-day political, religious, and economic landscape we see this pattern repeated over and over. No matter how much humans possess that is outside them, it seems never to be enough.

For the “Have’s”, we seem not to have enough. For the “Have-not’s” we seem not to know how to get what the “Have’s” have and we react with all sort of ineffective and destructive behaviors toward ourselves and others. The “Have’s” fear the “Have-not’s” as threats. “Have-not’s” can be angry or depressed thinking that their conditions are due to a conspiracy of the “Have’s” against them.

In the Church of the Healing Spirit, we say that what we want and need is not outside ourselves. It is inside.  Jesus demonstrated the consciousness of Christ, saying that this Christ power was in each of us.

While religions, political parties, and businesses build organizations which become more interested in building and preserving their organizations, we want to direct the conversation back to the reality that what we seek, connection with the Source-Of-All-Creation, is within. We believe that the way to experience God is to become more aware of our own Christ within.Until we realize a higher purpose to our activities than consumption and producing waste products for the sewage systems or landfills, we will be in the grip of this battle.

The Church of the Healing Spirit is about a journey of return to our Selves, our Creator, and our purposes. This journey can be marked by increased awareness, thinking, joy, respect, happiness and success. 

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