Welcome to the Church of The Healing Spirit.

We are on the path of discovering our own connection to God in all the ways we can possibly imagine.

The Church of The Healing Spirit is helping us at this time in our own journey to direct the conversation more to God and less to the substitutes.

About Us


Our online ministry promotes the idea that God is the Source of the Healing Spirit


The spiritual prescription for any limitation of God's presence in our lives is to increase our awareness of that abundant expression.

So, rather than to believe in a limited God, we recognize our awareness as the reason we perceive limitations to our health, happiness, family relationships, prosperity, and other areas.

Listening to lies about us, God, other people and what is possible, produces fear and discord, a diminution of our freedom of expression and a focus on self-protection from illusionary enemies.

We believe we can change our lives in dramatic ways by focusing on God's Healing Spirit, which is always at work in our lives.

If you are in the same place in your life, or wish to be, we invite you to join us.

Please recognize that we are not THE way. We are simply on a path that delights us in God and our explorations of what God means to us.

To learn more, email ChurchoftheHealingSpirit@gmail.com

Align with Consciousness

Church of the Healing Spirit

Outreach Efforts

◦ Coaching You Works: focusing on the spiritual nature of beliefs so we can manage energies in order to more effectively co-create.

◦ Live to be 120 and Healthy: the discussion of the spiritual-energetic aspects of creating "a life abundant" filled with meaning and health for as long as we want.

◦ The Healing Codes Coach: this program centers on the application of spiritually-based  energy principles and practices to life.  This site is separate and not connected to The Healing Codes website.

Call (239) 598-2717 if you need to talk.

Church of The Healing Spirit
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