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Church of the Healing Spirit

Align with Consciousness

Our online ministry serves the idea that God is the Source of The Healing Spirit.


The spiritual prescription for any limitation of God's presence in our lives is to increase our awareness of that abundant expression.

So, rather than to believe in a limited or unavailable God, we recognize our awareness is the reason we perceive limitations to our health, happiness, family relationships, prosperity, and other areas.

Listening to lies about us, God, other people, and what is possible, produces fear and discord, a diminution of our freedom of expression and a focus on self-protection from illusionary enemies.

We believe we can change our lives in dramatic ways by focusing on God's Healing Spirit which is always at work in our lives.

Welcome to the Church of The Healing Spirit.

We are looking to serve. You don't have to be a member.  You may call us as you wish.Our hearts are open.

The Church of The Healing Spirit is a non-denominational organization seeking to support the finest relationship, as determined by the individual, with their God. We accept the labels God, Energy, Source, Source-Of-All-That-Is, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, as well as others. These labels are labels.  We do not worship labels.

Call (239) 598-2717 if you need to talk.

Church of the Healing Spirit
3244 Sundance Circle
Naples, Florida 34109-2654  USA

12 noon US Eastern time (New York). Call:  1-712-432-8773

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We believe that the presence of the God-energy is everywhere. We also believe that we are expressions of God.  Included in these beliefs are our inherent right to health, happiness, and abundance.  Along with these gifts, go responsibility for allowing and producing them.

We hold that the Source-Of-All-Things is God and that if we want things, it makes sense to go to God first with our desire. Our health and happiness come from the same source.

Any shortfall of health or happiness that is undesired may indicate a need for more God in one’s life.

We believe in the same One God that Jesus believed in; this is the same Loving God that all humanity-respecting Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists worship. This is the same God that Native Americans called Great Spirit.
Our God is a God of Enhancement, Expansion, and Higher Consciousness. Our God is not a god of fear or punishment or separation or exclusion. Our God is All-Knowing, All-Loving, and All-Good.

We are dedicated to becoming aware of our true relationship with God, as creations of that God. We give God credit for creating wondrous things in the world, ourselves included.

Happiness in our life will come from controlling our spiritual connections, our thoughts, emotions, and our own behaviors. Happiness will not come from trying to control those rights of others.

From a practical standpoint, we recognize that human beings have a vast array of behaviors from very kind and loving to very predatory and savage. We believe that the predatory and savage behaviors indicate increasing distance between those people and God. We also believe that any distance in awareness can be healed.

It is this healing, at all levels, which can lead to greater peace, happiness, and health for all concerned. This is what we in the Church of the Healing Spirit seek.
If we avail ourselves of God's love, healing is possible.

What is the Church of The Healing Spirit? What is God's love?

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